# Android API Deep Dives

These topics cover Titanium APIs specific to the Android platform. For Android-specific, user interface APIs, see Android UI Components and Conventions.

Android Intents

Intents are message objects that specify actions to perform that start either activities, broadcasts or services. This guide primarily goes over how to setup intents to start activities.

Android Intent Filters

Intent Filters advertise to the Android OS that your application handles certain actions and data types. For example, when another application wants to share an image or text, your application can define intent filters to let Android know your application can handle those data types.

Android Broadcast Intents and Receivers

Broadcast Intents allow your application to send out a message to any application that sets up a Broadcast Receiver to listen to it. Your application can also register Broadcast Receivers to listen to system events sent by the Android OS, such as low battery warnings or airplane mode changes.

Android Services

Services are background components that run even if the application is backgrounded.

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