# Location Services

Mobile devices give us the unique ability to add the context of a physical location to our app's interactions. By leveraging Titanium's ability to deliver GPS positioning and heading information, you can add this context to your own mobile apps. You can use this information for everything from device positioning to augmented reality applications. In addition, you can also use the native mapping capabilities of a mobile device to create a truly immersive experience.

# Sections in this chapter

Tracking Position and Heading

In this chapter, you'll learn how to use Titanium's Geolocation API to retrieve GPS positioning and heading information from mobile devices.

Google Maps for Android

Use the GoogleMaps API's to add native maps support to your Android application.

iOS Map Kit

Use the iOS Map Kit framework to add native maps support to your iOS application.

Native Maps and Annotations

In addition to retrieving location information, you'll learn to use the Titanium Map API to represent your locations as native maps and annotations. Follow this tutorial for iOS applications and legacy Android applications if you have Google Maps API v1 keys.So let's get started: Tracking Position and Heading >