# Working with Media APIs

Multimedia can bring your app to life. In this module, you'll explore the ways you can add images, sounds, and videos to your apps. You'll also learn how to capture images from the camera or retrieve them from the user's gallery.

# Sections in this chapter

Audio APIs

In this chapter, you'll learn how to play and record sounds. As with images, you'll see you can play both local and remote sound files, and have programmatic control over that playback.

Video APIs

Next, you'll look at how you can embed videos within your apps. You'll see how to play both local files and how to stream remote videos.

Images and ImageView APIs

If you've been following along in these tutorials, you'll already know the basics of adding images. In this section, you'll dig a bit deeper into the ways you can add local and remote images to your apps as either background images or ImageViews.

Camera and Photo Gallery APIs

We'll close out this chapter by exploring the camera and photo gallery APIs. You'll see how to capture an image from the camera, use it in an app, and save it to the gallery or filesystem. You'll also explore the closely related gallery APIs, which let your users grab images from their photo albums for use within your app.

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