# Titanium SDK

The Titanium SDK helps you to build native cross-platform mobile application using JavaScript and the Titanium API, which abstracts the native APIs of the mobile platforms. Titanium empowers you to create immersive, full-featured applications, featuring over 80% code reuse across mobile apps. TiDev licenses Titanium under the OSI approved Apache Public License (Version 2) and is free for both personal and commercial use.

# Chapters

Titanium SDK Getting Started

Get started and build your first application.

Welcome To Titanium

Read a quick introduction to the Titanium SDK.

Example Applications

Preview more examples of using the Titanium SDK.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development In Titanium

Learn how to code and organization your project. Also take a look at Alloy Framework.

User Interface

Learn the basics of creating a user interface for your application. These topics cover creating a basic UI, event handling and a high-level overview of platform-specific UIs.

User Interface Deep Dives

Take a deeper look into the Titanium UI APIs. Learn about animations, gestures, and orientation modes as wells as guides on using platform-specific UIs.

Working with Local Data Sources

Learn how to access data from local sources on the device, such as reading and writing files to the device's storage or accessing a database.

Working with Remote Data Sources

Learn how to access data from remote sources using the HTTP client to make requests or use the Titanium Cloud module to access mobile backend services.

Working with Media APIs

Learn how to display images, and playback or stream audio and video files as well as use the device's built-in camera and photo gallery.

Location Services

Access the device's GPS and add maps to your applications.

Notification Services

Notify your application user base with local or remote notifications.

Integrating Web Content

Learn how to integrate web content in the device's web view.

Platform API Deep Dives

These topics cover platform-specific APIs not represented in the other chapters, such as application life cycle management.

Using Modules

Learn how to integrate third-party modules into your application.

Debugging and Profiling

Learn about the tools to help debug and profile your application.

Best Practices and Recommendations

View guidelines we developed to help code and organize your applications.

Preparing for Distribution

Learn about how to package your application and guidelines for submitting your app to app stores and marketplaces.

Extending Titanium SDK

Can't find a feature Titanium exposed? Create your own native module to access features Titanium has not implemented yet.

Contributing to Titanium

Want to help out? Report a bug (opens new window), contribute to the docs, or submit a pull request to the Titanium repo (opens new window).


These appendices collect various Titanium technical topics that don't fit into the preceding chapters.