# Contribution Guide

In order to contribute code, docs, modules, etc to the TiDev project, you are required to sign-and-complete a copy of the TiDev CLA.

You can review the latest version of the CLA on our organization-docs Github repository here: https://github.com/tidev/organization-docs/blob/main/CONTRIBUTOR_CLA.pdf (opens new window).

Here's our process for accepting a signed CLA:

  1. Contact Josh Lambert either via TiSlack (opens new window) or via email (josh.lambert@centrevilletech.com) and request an e-sign link containing the CLA. Make sure you include the email address in your message that you want to receive the e-sign request!
  2. Complete the e-sign link when it arrives in your email from the TiDev Docusign account.
  3. Your name will appear in the contributor list within 5 business days, at which point, you'll be eligible to submit code and other IP to the TiDev project.

Contributor list: https://github.com/tidev/organization-docs/blob/main/AUTHORIZED_CONTRIBUTORS.md (opens new window)

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept signed CLAs via Docusign to ensure we're all using the correct version of this document.