# Working with Remote Data Sources

In this module, you'll explore how you can interact with remote network resources from your Titanium SDK app. Accessing the network will enable you to interact with web APIs, social networks, and data back-ends.

# Sections in this chapter

HTTPClient and the Request Lifecycle

Titanium implements the XML HTTP Request (XHR) model and in this chapter you'll explore how XHR network requests are serviced.

Working with JSON Data

In this chapter, you'll explore how you can interact with JSON data returned from a network call.

Working with XML Data

Then in this chapter, you'll explore the ways you can work with XML data you retrieve from the network.

Dealing with SOAP Web Services

SOAP services are popular with corporate portals and services, but SOAP presents some challenges to mobile access. In this chapter, you'll explore some strategies for working with SOAP data.

File Uploads and Downloads

In this section, you'll explore how you can upload and download files in your Titanium apps.

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