# Example Applications

# Overview

The following example applications may be useful to browse for examples of API usage and approaches to structuring Titanium applications.

# Kitchen Sink 2.0

Kitchen Sink 2.0 is a refactored Alloy-based version of the KitchenSink demo-app. This project gives an overview of native components available in Titanium. The components are grouped into multiple groups and can be logged in the "Logs" tab. It also includes full support for iOS & Android.


Kitchen Sink 2.0 on GitHub (opens new window)

# Hyperloop examples

The following application demonstrates direct native API access using Appcelerator Hyperloop.

Learn more about Hyperloop here (opens new window)!

iOS Android
hyperloop-ios hyperloop-android

Hyperloop Examples on GitHub (opens new window)

# Drag 'n Drop

Appcelerator Titanium sample app demonstrating the drag-and-drop APIs exposed in iOS 11. Note: Inter-app drag-and-drop is currently restricted to iPad only.


Drag 'n Drop on GitHub (opens new window)

# PlexusRx

PlexusRx is an Appcelerator Titanium app for iOS which demonstrates the use of iOS 11 machine learning frameworks and OCR to detect and ingest information from a prescription pill bottle.


PlexusRx on GitHub (opens new window)

# RSS Reader

RSS Reader is a Titanium SDK sample app that lets you browse RSS feeds. With it you can pull live RSS feeds from the internet, browse a list of headlines with thumbnail images, then select and read articles.

The RSS Reader app demonstrates:

  • Remote Data access using Ti.Network.HTTPClient.

  • Modular Javascript with CommonJS.

  • Multiple window app using a single execution context.

  • Loose coupling of UI and data code using application level events.

  • Native UI features

  • TableView with custom rows.

  • Android menus.

  • iOS navigation bar buttons.

  • iOS Navigation Controller using Titanium.UI.NavigationWindow.

  • WebViews for displaying web content.

  • Cross-platform design.


RSS Reader on GitHub (opens new window)

# Todo List

Todo List is a simple tabbed application for keeping track of todo items. With this app, you can maintain a listing of tasks to be completed, add to that list, and mark tasks as done. Uses database storage.

The Todo List app demonstrates:

  • Local storage with SQLite using Ti.Database.

  • Modular Javascript with CommonJS.

  • Multiple window app using a single execution context.

  • Native UI features

  • Android menus

  • iOS navigation bar buttons

  • Cross-platform design

iOS Android
todo_ios todo-android

Todo Sample on GitHub (opens new window)

# Geocoder

This is a Titanium SDK sample app that uses native maps to plot locations. With it you can forward geocode addresses and add them as annotations to the map.

The Geocoder app demonstrates:

  • Using native maps with Map Module

  • Adding annotations to native maps

  • Remote data access using Ti.Network.HTTPClient

  • Modular Javascript with CommonJS

  • Cross-platform design


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