# Hyperloop Requirements

# Requirements

You’ll need to have the following installed on your machine as the recommended requirements to use Hyperloop 5.0.0+:

  • Titanium SDK: 9.0.0+

  • Titanium CLI: 7.0.0+

You can install Titanium CLI (opens new window) to get the latest version of all these components.

# Optional Dependencies

These dependencies are used only if you plan to integrate hyperloop with them. You do not need Alloy or Cocoapods to use Hyperloop, but may use Hyperloop in an Alloy app - or consume 3rd-party libraries on iOS using Cocoapods.

Note: If you plan on using CocoaPods as a third-party dependencies manager, you will need to have (at a minimum) CocoaPods 1.0.0 or later installed. See Using third-party libraries with CocoaPods for details on how to install and set up your project.

# Installation

# Titanium SDK

Titanium SDK can be installed with ti sdk install latest.

# Titanium CLI

Refer to Setting up the Titanium CLI for instructions and preparation for installing Titanium CLI.

# Alloy Framework

The Alloy command-line interface and plugin will be automatically installed by the Titanium CLI.