# Android Titanium SDK Development Setup

# Overview

This is a guide to setup the Android development environment to develop for Titanium SDK.

# Getting started

You can use Android Studio (opens new window) to work with the Titanium SDK or Titanium Android modules. It allows you to use Android Studio features like auto completion or syntax checks.

# Titanium SDK

To build a local Titanium SDK you have to do the following steps:

  • clone the repo git clone https://github.com/tidev/titanium_mobile
  • go into the folder cd titanium_mobile
  • install node packages npm i
  • open the android/ folder in Android Studio
  • make your changes
  • run npm run cleanbuild to build the SDK. If you need to rebuild it again you can use npm run build:local to skip the clean & zip part

# Titanium modules

In order to use Android Studio for a module you have to build it once and then open the android/build folder in Android Studio. After that you can normally edit your source files in Studio and build the module with ti build -p android -b.