# Titanium.App.Android

A module used to access Android application resources.


# Overview

For more information, refer to the official documentation on the Android Developer website about application resources (opens new window).

# Examples

# Custom String Resource

Custom Android resources may be placed in platform/android in the project root.
For example, to utilize a custom localization file, create and populate platform/android/res/values/mystrings.xml with the following data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="mystring">testing 1 2 3</string>

In Javascript, this can be accessed as follows.

var activity = Ti.Android.currentActivity;
var R = Ti.App.Android.R;

var mystring = activity.getString(R.string.mystring);
Ti.API.debug("mystring = " + mystring);

# Properties

# appVersionCode READONLY

appVersionCode :Number

The version number of the application.

# appVersionName READONLY

appVersionName :String

The version name of the application.

# launchIntent READONLY

launchIntent :Titanium.Android.Intent

Return the intent that was used to launch the application.

This intent will not change for the lifetime of the application. Its action is typically set to "android.intent.action.MAIN" when launched via the app list screen.

This launch intent can be used to resume the app while backgrounded via the startActivity method or via a notification.

When the app is launched via a data intent such as a URL, shortcut, notification, etc. then that intent is provided by the rootActivity object's intent property instead. That intent will initially be set to the launch intent, but will change when a newintent event has been fired. You should always read the root activity's intent instead of the launch intent for data.

# Events

# shortcutitemclick


Fired when a Titanium.UI.ShortcutItem is clicked.


Name Type Description
id String

Identifier of the clicked shortcut item.

source Object

Source object that fired the event.

type String

Name of the event fired.

bubbles Boolean

True if the event will try to bubble up if possible.

cancelBubble Boolean

Set to true to stop the event from bubbling.

# Constants

# R


The R namespace for application resources.

The properties and sub-properties of this object relate directly to the native application resources R class, and thus have the same syntax. For more information, refer to the official documentation on the Android Developer website about accessing application resources.

For example, if the file platform/android/res/drawable/icon.png exists in the project, it can be accessed using its resource name, as follows.

var resid = Titanium.App.Android.R.drawable.icon;

To access system-wide resources, rather than application resources, use Titanium.Android.R instead.