# Prerequisites

# Overview

This document lists the minimum requirements necessary to run a Titanium environment.

# Memory

The minimum memory requirement for the Titanium SDK is as follows:

Product Host Operating System Storage
Latest Android SDK macOS 1.5 GB (contiguous)
Latest Android SDK Windows 1 GB (contiguous)

# Operating System

Titanium is supported on the following Operating Systems:

Operating System Version
macOS 10.11.5 (Mavericks) and later
Windows Windows 7 and later(Android)
Windows 8.1 and later (Windows Phone)
Windows 10 and later (Windows 10 Mobile)
Linux various distributions (tested on Fedora and Ubuntu)

# Required Software

The Titanium SDK requires Java JDK (Oracle or OpenJDK) and Node.js.

To minimize the risk of problems, please refer to the Titanium Compatibility Matrix whenever you make changes to your Titanium environment.