# Prerequisites

# Overview

This document lists the minimum requirements necessary to run a Titanium environment.

# Memory

The minimum memory requirement for the Titanium SDK is as follows:

Product Host Operating System Storage
Latest Android SDK macOS 1.5 GB (contiguous)
Latest Android SDK Windows 1 GB (contiguous)

⚠️ Warning

Minimum system memory requirements is 8GB of RAM. 16GB is highly recommended.

# Operating System

Titanium is supported on the following Operating Systems:

Operating System Version
macOS 10.11.5 (Mavericks) and later
Windows Windows 7 and later(Android)
Windows 8.1 and later (Windows Phone)
Windows 10 and later (Windows 10 Mobile)

❗️ Warning

As of Titanium 9.0.0, building Windows apps is no longer supported.

❗️ Warning

Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone SDKs has been deprecated as of SDK 6.3.0.GA and has be removed in SDK 7.0.0.GA.

# Required Software

The Titanium SDK requires Oracle's JDK and Node.js.

# Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is required to build Titanium apps and modules for Android.

Titanium SDK version Min JDK version Max JDK version
10.1.0 - latest 11 16
9.0.2 - 10.0.2 8 15
9.0.1 8 13
9.0.0 8 12
7.5.0 - 8.3.1 8 14
7.0.0 - 7.4.2 8 10

download_05 Download Location (opens new window)

See Installing Oracle JDK for detailed instructions.

# Node.js

To run all Titanium components, you must have Node.js 14 or later.


Operating System Min Node Version Max Node Version Download Location
macOS / Windows / Linux 14.X 16.X Official Website (opens new window)

See Installing Node for detailed instructions.

# Titanium Compatibility Matrix

To minimize the risk of problems, please refer to the Titanium Compatibility Matrix whenever you make changes to your Titanium environment.