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# PurgeTSS

# Overview

PurgeTSS is an Alloy addon that helps Titanium developers create visually appealing mobile apps more easily, with features including highly customizable utility classes, icon fonts support, a basic Animation module, a simple grid system, and a shades command for creating custom colors.

# Command-line interface usage

alloy purgetss

# Key features of PurgeTSS

  • Provides more than 19,000 Tailwind-like (opens new window) utility classes ready to use in your projects.
  • Creates a clean app.tss file with only the classes used in your project by parsing all your XML files.
  • You can customize any of the default classes via a simple configuration file, or create just-in-time classes with arbitrary values within your Views.
  • You can easily use icon fonts from Font Awesome, Material Icons, Material Symbols, and Framework7-Icons on Buttons and Labels.
  • Generates a fonts.tss file with all class definitions and fontFamily selectors for any icon, serif, sans-serif, italic, fancy, or monospace font.
  • Use the shades command to generate custom color shades from the given hex color to use in your projects. No need for a separate online tool.
  • Includes an Animation module to apply basic 2D Matrix animations or transform to any element or array of elements.
  • Includes a simple two-dimensional Grid System to align and distribute elements in your Views.

# Visit the official documentation site at purgetss.com (opens new window) to learn more about PurgeTSS

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