# Widget Configuration File (widget.json)

All widgets have a configuration file called widget.json located in the root directory of the widget. The configuration file follows the npm package.json format (opens new window) with a few exceptions.

The widget configuration file also accepts the following key-value pairs:

Key Value Description
id String Mandatory. Needs to be the same name as the widget root folder.
copyright String Widget copyright information.
license String Widget license information.
min-alloy-version* Float Minimum required Alloy version to run the widget.
min-titanium-version* Float Minimum required Titanium version to run the widget.
tags String List of keywords.
platforms* Any combination of platforms (comma delimited) Which platforms the widget will run on.

(*) Currently, the min-alloy-version, min-titanium-version and platforms keys are not required, but in the future, Alloy will perform a check against these values.